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A Members Only Exchange for Institutions & Qualified Investors to trade RegD compliant non-fungible blockchain investment derivatives (NFD) of private company shares


The World's First Members Only

Exchange for
Non-Fungible Derivatives (NFD)
of Private Company Shares 

Driven by Web3 Innovation 

SPIN is a new RegD compliant members only exchange for NFDs, bringing private companies, investors, global market makers and other stakeholders to Buy/Sell/Trade derivatives of private company shares. Only limited to Qualified Investors and members of the SPIN network.

Get SPIN Membership Token 

SPIN membership tokens are verified KYC tokens issued to verified qualified investors.  A soulbound token that is required to get access into SPIN Exchange and trade NFDs.   Membership tokens are valid for up to 5 years from the date of issuance.  


Market Intelligence



Over the past 20 years, there has been a dramatic capital shift from the public to private markets. Since 2000, private market assets have grown 10x, representing over $6 trillion globally.  However There is no public market alternative private compliant exchange that allows freely buying, selling and trading private company shares.


With a mission to unlock trillions of dollars of liquidity, we have created a true alternative to public exchanges, where you can safely and compliantly trade non-fungible derivatives with other qualified and institutional investors.

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